Wednesday, June 26, 2013

EDLD 5301 Course Reflections

The word “research” can be considered overwhelming. I realized that action research is the systematic collection of data to improve my practice as an educator and principal by addressing dilemmas that arise in my work. It allows you to take real life situations in school and learn from them while enacting positive change.

In the first week, I was able to establish what action research really is. Moving to the second week, I found the text to provide helpful examples of administrators who have experienced a problem in their practice and utilized action research to address these problems. These plans were laid out in detail and offered plenty of ideas to springboard from in trying to choose my own inquiry.

Week three proved very tough and time-consuming. Looking for research and literature that will give me direction in my own inquiry proved very difficult. Where I was not able to find an action research to model mine after, I was able to find studies and literature that apply to my topic and will help me in the implementation of my research.

The discussion board and blog became excellent tools to use for reflection on my own topic as well as to gain new ideas from others. Based on the comments of others in both the board and blog, I made a few changes to my own plan that may prove to save time and make my own research more efficient. I will definitely continue to use these two resources to collaborate with others who are traveling the same path of action research that I am.

Monitoring the quality of my study will help with sustaining improvement and continuing my impact as an action researcher. Sharing my work will prove useful as others will be able to transfer what I have found to answer similar inquiries they may have. I also have several methods that will help me in implementing my plan this year and the following year.

In All, I have received a plethora of information in the videos, literature, research, conferences, and the resource section that will aid me in my inquiry into the effectiveness of international connectivity on promoting cultural diversity within the classroom.

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